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Heather Nilson




What and Where:

High Altitude Photography is a two-person wedding photography business based in Lakewood, CO.


Who and When:

The beloved brainchild of Heather Nilson and Gunnar Nettleship, High Altitude Photography was founded in 2015 to pull together the combined talents of two experienced photographers.


Gunnar has 25 years of experience as a studio and location fine-art-nude, portrait, and boudoir photographer, starting in his native Los Angeles area. Heather has 8 years of photography experience, in travel (including her native Colorado), fine art, and conceptual portraiture.

They met in 2010, bonding immediately over their mutual passion for photography. They began dating, eventually living together and working side-by-side, running their individual photography businesses.


Why and How:


Through intensive photography-centered travel and working on creative shoots together, Gunnar and Heather realized that their styles were complementary, their tastes overlapped, and they brought different but harmonizing techniques and approaches to their work.

The idea for a wedding photography business started almost casually. It was a "down the road" plan, since they were both busy moving and working on their own businesses. However, within a few weeks, they realized that they'd made the decision almost before thinking it out. In July of 2015, a few days after moving to a new home and still surrounded by boxes, they just sat down and started building their website and putting together a business plan.

The first client was signed a few weeks later, and the business grew within the first few months. They say they knew that they were ready for the challenges and stresses of a wedding business. In other words, as Heather put it, "We both love photography passionately, we're already experienced pros, and our work styles mesh well. The challenging field of wedding photography provides just the right scope for our combined skills and interests."

They now do all their client sessions together, including engagement sessions and even boudoir photos. They assist and feed off of each other to push the creative feel of their images.


Pubished work sample: "Real Weddings" feature on WeddingWire network's GayWeddings.com: http://gayweddings.com/real-weddings/denver-clock-tower-wedding-tom-marc/


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