High Altitude Photography | A Wedding Planner Provides a Dose of Reality on DIY Wedding Projects

A Wedding Planner Provides a Dose of Reality on DIY Wedding Projects

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Finishing the DIY cake topper, by High Altitude PhotographyFinishing the DIY cake topperFinishing the DIY cake topper

When you're planning your wedding, you won't be very deep into the interweb offerings on Pinterest or wedding blogs before you start seeing a plethora of lists and adorable photos about how to save money and add special personal touches to your wedding with DIY projects. You've seen 'em.

The instructions are always so straightforward. Even if you're not naive enough to think that it won't take a lot of time and effort, are you really ready to tackle the DIY project? Will you end up with beautiful and lovingly handcrafted decorations/favors/notes, or end up in the middle of a giant "Pinterest fail"?

LaTasha Baldwin, uber-talented owner of Little Details event planning business, has some sage words that can spare people stress and trouble. advises that judicious planning is the key to DIY projects. She indicates that the important factor to consider is the large time commitment involved with these personalized projects. Staying up late, racing to complete a craft project is not the best way for wedding couples or their families to spend the last busy days before a wedding.

LaTasha advises: "Our rule of thumb is that 48 hours leading up to your wedding day should be reserved to celebrate with your friends and family, not assembling or making your DIY project. When couples, close friends or family take on projects that extend up to the actual day of the wedding they miss out on the experience of living in the moment."

This advice isn't meant to completely discourage the idea of DIY wedding projects. The essential message from Little Details is not to go overboard, and to rely on professional help in areas where it's really needed: "As with anything, creating balance is the key to success. Thus, consider incorporating some DIY projects before the wedding day as well as hiring professionals to make your life easier as it gets closer to the celebration."

Before you get in over your head, contact Little Details for planning services, so you can carve out time for the projects that are important to you. (And in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post! We unreservedly recommend LaTasha and Little Details event planning as a reliable, friendly, and wildly competent wedding planner.)



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