High Altitude Photography | Wedding at the Historic Stanley Hotel - Julia and Joseph

Wedding at the Historic Stanley Hotel - Julia and Joseph

September 26, 2015  •  1 Comment

The best laid plans....

We were contacted and hired less than a week before the September 5, 2015 wedding date of Julia and Joseph. It seems that this wedding was a case of "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" for this couple. Among other things, apparently their photographer had cancelled and provided no replacement. 

Their misfortune was our opportunity, and we were as excited as kids in line for a roller coaster at the prospect of our first wedding at this gilded-age hotel in its perfect mountain setting. Despite the difficulties of working a wedding like this at the last minute (no consultation-we never set eyes on the couple before beginning the preparation photos, we didn't know what their tastes were or what was important to them, they weren't able to tell us their stories, talk about important moments, etc.), we dove in and did our best. Despite obstacles and issues, (i.e. how do you get detail photos of rings, shoes, flowers, etc. when they don't show up until after the processional is due to begin?), it was an unforgettable day. As so often happens, it all worked out somehow. The catering staff and the weather somehow worked together to make it all come right.

This couple was, very luckily for us, extremely accommodating and mellow despite what seemed to be about a hundred pre-wedding hiccups, and we settled in to capture a beautiful wedding, done simply in striking reds, with a ceremony right out front and a reception inside.

Has there ever been a wedding that went exactly according to plan? Possibly not. But this couple didn't let anything ruin their day.


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a father walks the bride down the historic staircase of the Stanley Hotel by High Altitude PhotographyStanley Hotel Wedding by High Altitude photographyFather walking the bride down the Stanley Hotel historic staircase

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It was a beautiful wedding and the photos captured it. Just gorgeous!
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