High Altitude Photography | about us



Adventure, creativity, and joy--those are the values we bring to our lives and our clients. 

Your wedding images will reflect our aesthetic styles: an appreciation for the beauty around us no matter where we are, and a sense of drama.




We are Heather Nilson and Gunnar Nettleship, two experienced photographers who have decided to join forces to create a dynamic duo of wedding super shooters.


Heather's super powers:

  • Irresistible wanderlust (eschewed all worldly goods--well, almost--to spend two years traveling as a digital nomad), 
  • Colorado native (read: loves mountains, dogs, and beer) experienced at photographing in the lovely but harsh light of high alpine environments,
  • Feel for outdoor light and landscape, with an eye for intimate details.
  • Science nerd whose previous life as a lab geek was only eclipsed by a superior love of photography and travel. 
  • Believer in truth, justice, and the American way. 
  • Photographic resume: 10 years of experience--photojournalism, event, stock, travel, conceptual, and fine art photography.

Gunnar's super powers:

  • Short, so he fits into small spaces, giving him the ability to shoot without being noticed.
  • Studio background photographing mostly women for fine art/boudoir/portraits.
  • West coast kid. Grew up on the shores of Washington and California.
  • Lover of bikes.
  • Style: graphic and dramatic style using carefully lit lines, often fashion-inspired. 
  • Photographic resume: 27 years experience--boudoir, fine art nude, model portfolios, weddings, head shots, private and corporate portraiture, surf photography, album covers.

Heather's kryptonite:

Huevos rancheros, cheese, briny stuff like olives, and anything creamy, like cheesecake (all the awesome savory flavors). Also wine, beer, infused vodka....


Gunnar's kryptonite:

His sweet tooth


Joining forces:

We fell in love. Heather was a freelancer when we met in 2010. Gunnar quit his day job to be a full-time photographer shortly thereafter. We began going on photography outings and extended trips together in the early days of dating.

Although we retain our distinctive styles and techniques, our aesthetic tastes harmonize and we've influenced each other artistically. We critique and challenge each other without rancor and help each other grow.

We realized that, both working from home, we were spending nearly all our time together. Despite this, we still get along, strengthen each other, and still value each other's input in work and in life. We work very, very well together.

Therefore, we realized (trumpet flourish--da-da-da-DAAAAAA) we should become a working team, bringing our distinct yet complementary nuanced styles to creative wedding photography.